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Episode 63 – Trevor Romain Brings Hope to Military Kids

Trevor Romain on the Milspouse Matters podcast


Milspouse Matters Episode 63 with Trevor Romain

When their dad was deployed, my kids were encouraged and impacted for the better by Trevor Romain and his work with the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, a non-profit organization that has a mission of supporting military children through all the stresses and challenges they face. (Maybe you’re familiar with their work too, and the Comfort Crew’s mascot, CUZZIE! “CUZZIE cares!”)

Comfort crew for military kids

You are in for a treat! On today’s episode, I am so honored and thrilled to have Trevor here to share with us what he does with the Comfort Crew and also the Trevor Romain Company, the motivation behind it, along with some great tips for parents of military kids that he’s gleaned from decades of working with kids. He talks about some of the stories which have affected him during his travels all around the world and how he copes with the deep issues he often encounters. He is a storyteller at heart, and I think you’ll be so encouraged and strengthened by what he shares.

More about Trevor Romain:

Trevor Romain is a best-selling author, illustrator, and keynote speaker who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now lives in Hawaii. He hosted a popular television series that has been featured on a number of PBS stations. His books have sold more than a million copies worldwide and have been published in 22 different languages. Today, he serves as the President and co-founder of the Trevor Romain Company and co-founder of 501(c)(3) charity The Comfort Crew for Military Kids.

Resources mentioned on this episode: 

Comfort Crew for Military Kids: delivering proven resources to help military kids and their families connect and build resiliency in the face of extraordinary challenges: deployments, reintegration, moving, injury, and loss.

Comfort Crew Virtual Fun Run (through April 30!) 

The Trevor Romain Company

Trevor’s latest book: Connecting With Kids in a Disconnected World

Connect with the Trevor Romain Company: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube 

Connect with the Comfort Crew: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Connect with Trevor: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

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Trevor Romain brings hope to military kids

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