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CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids and teens ages 8-18. You’ll find teacher-led virtual coding classes that are perfect for your life on the move, and an exclusive 30% discount for military families.

USA Girl Scouts Overseas

For families on the move, Girl Scouts is a constant, allowing girls to pick up right where they left off: benefiting from the single best leadership development experience for girls in the world.

First Command

Financial coaching, tips, and advice for military families. First Command is also dedicated to hiring military spouses as financial advisors!

Magical Order of Brave Knights

Created by a military spouse, these kits were designed to help children deal with separation anxiety and sleep issues.

Family: the Magazine for Military Families

If you’ve been to the commissary, you’ve seen Family Magazine. Get recipes, coupons, articles, and more!

Homefront Pumps

Did you know that Tricare covers a breast pump, breastmilk storage bags, lactation sessions, and more? Homefront Pumps can help walk you through the process and get it all delivered to your door.


The SpouseLink community is a unique space created by AAFMAA to help bridge the distance between family and friends that comes with military life and help military spouses and families stay informed, get support, and be inspired.

Want to partner with the Milspouse Matters podcast?

About the Podcast

The Milspouse Matters Podcast is hosted by longtime military spouse and author Jen McDonald as an outreach to provide practical tips, encouragement, and resources for military spouses. Jen is the author of the popular book, You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse

Milspouse Matters reaches a niche audience of military families. With over 62,000 downloads since its release in 2018, the show is only growing! Some features of Milspouse Matters listeners:  

By early 2019, Milspouse Matters reached the achievement of placing in the top 50 podcasts in the Personal Journals category of Apple Podcasts and has returned to that position multiple times.

According to Listen Notes, Milspouse Matters is one of the top 5% most popular shows out of 2,619,899 podcasts globally.

That’s interesting…

Did you know that only 18% of podcasts on Apple Podcasts are currently active, meaning they continue to release new material? “Podfade” is real! (Source) It’s much easier to start a show than to keep it going. Milspouse Matters has consistently released episodes since August 2018! We’ve become a trusted voice in the military community, and in fact were named one of 17 Changemakers to Follow in 2021 by Military Influencer Magazine. 

Some more stats: 

  • 62% of Americans listen to podcasts, up from 57% in 2021. 

  • According to 2022 statistics, the average podcast receives about 140 plays per month. As of December 2022, Milspouse Matters has an average download rate of over 2,200/month. shares that podcast advertising yields leads with a conversion rate seven times higher than leads from regular website traffic.

Why partner?

  • Edison Research found that 67% of podcast listeners enjoy hearing ads, compared with just 6% for TV and radio audiences.

  • Podcast listeners are highly engaged and dedicated. Studies show that 60% of podcast listeners have bought a product they’ve heard advertised. (Source)

  • Podcast advertising provides friendly or warm leads. This makes them more likely to buy your product or service!

  • Podcast ads have long-term benefits. New listeners often go back through the show’s archive, meaning your ad will live on for years to come. Great value to you!

  • Ads are “baked in,” meaning they’re read by the host. Unique ads read live are made part of the podcast and fit in seamlessly. You provide the wording; I share with my audience. 


Milspouse Matters has an audience of loyal, engaged listeners. Listeners include military spouses and military family members living in the U.S. and overseas in over 50 countries.

Interested in partnering with Milspouse Matters as a sponsor?

We’re looking for brands and resources that appeal to military spouses and their families! As of 2023, we’re changing the way we do ads, to give you better reach and to be a better fit for the podcast.

Podcast ads are sold as bundles for placement in 3 episodes or more only. Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, as well as complete sponsored episodes are available.

Click here to get the rate sheet or email me to set up a personalized package.

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