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I’m looking for authentic, helpful stories that will provide realistic, actionable support to other military spouses. Some audience favorites include topics like: coping with deployment, military marriage support, help for new military spouses, dual military and male spouses, finding connections.

Please note:  We get many requests from potential guests each season and our schedule fills up quickly. We’ll be in touch if we think you’re a good fit for the show!

application notes

Please note that a submission is not a guarantee you’ll be selected for the show. Before you apply, please take the time to listen to a few episodes in order to get a feel for the podcast and my audience. Click here to listen to past episodes.

BEFORE APPLYING, potential guests should note:

  • The need to listen to several episodes to understand the show’s format.

  • Realize that, while we can talk about your business or product, that is NOT the main focus of this podcast. My audience trusts me to bring them helpful and practical information, and I am very loyal to them. If you are only looking to gain exposure for your business or product, please don’t apply.

  • You should have a compelling story that will either encourage other military families, provide a unique twist on some aspect of military life, or share some helpful information or resources for military spouses.

  • You do not need to already have a “platform” to be on my podcast. I’m looking for real, everyday, authentic stories about military life: moves, deployments, raising military kids, military marriage, military spouse employment concerns, military family life, etc.

  • You should have some experience with military life!

While the main point of this podcast is to provide encouragement to other military families, particularly spouses, we won’t shy away from the hard stuff or faith topics, either. In fact, I welcome it!

Please note: Our guest pool is currently full, so applications are on pause. Please check back! 

Think you’re a good fit?